Friday, June 28, 2013

Live: bachelorette farewell party


Pheww..dh lama x buat live n3..hehe..well actually we were having a bachelorette farewell party to say good bye to fida..who will be migrated to should be sadness moment..but it turns out fun and excitement moment instead..hihi ^_^

Ok readers..nothing much to say..layan je la gbr2 kami😜

-for them..we are planning to hv a present exchnge session during the gathering..hihi-

-ehem..its me..our theme was electric blue and orange..-

-dessertssss yg best-

-meraikan si dia ni la..babai fidaaa..huhu-

Alhamdulillah..everything goes smooth and we had fun together..insyaAllah ade jodoh kt jmpa lagi ok 😍


Eliss Mie said...

sedih bila terpaksa berpisah dgn kawan2 rapat kan.

mummy_ayu said...

memang happening giler babe!!

Zura@Iwan said...

lama tk nmpk ko..

makin lawa ko skrg...

sure sedih kan bff dh kena still keep calling iya dak...

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