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Monday, June 25, 2012 was my fault


hehe..sorry yek..aku tersilap post n3..actually n3 blouse muslimah floral tu to be posted in LayQa Collection instead of

tetiba tgk page views naik..maaf yek.. :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

n now i know


yes..only now i know how hectic a life of a part timer businessman/ wonder they are willing to quit from their job just to manage their business...

btlla..mmg letih giler..kelam kabut pn ade..hehe..well..tu sume ujian dan dugaan..utk mendpt rezeki yg halal dan berkat, usaha yg gigih diperlukan..alhamdulillah..frm the experience..aku rs enjoy plak..mcm best jek..n the most yg buat aku rs happy bcoz xsngka i've fulfilled hubby's dream..yup my husband mmg sgt2 suka dan teringin nk berbisnes..but wifey dia ni agk phobia and xconfident..end up angan2 tinggal kenangan..ekekeke:D n now alhamdulillah his will has been realize...

aku salute pd mrka yg dh lama dlm bidang ni n still survive..keep up the good work! insyaAllah yakin pd rezeki Allah..

actually aku ni pn even xbrapa sure bole berjaya ke because of my husband..i will always to be the supporter :) xpela..andai rezeki Allah ade utk dak..hehe..

ok la..gtg..kt opis pn nowadays mmg hectic..byk sgt paper nk kena buat..fighting suziey! 

p/s: thanks for visiting & being my follower @ LayQa Collection :^_^
p/s2: if anyone interested to buy Canon 10-22mm Ultra Wide Lense with warranty until Jan 2013, pls PM me ok :) mau upgrade lense la..hehe..

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nursing Blouse muslimah


ehem..nursing blouse muslimah in d house ^_^


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

LayQa Collection is now launching


bismillahirrahmanirrahim..dgn rasa rendah diri aku nak hebohkan dgn org kampung launching of our new online business... LayQa Collection ^_^

jemput2lah visit ye...nak jadi follower sgt2la dialu2kan :)

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